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Hildegard universe in a cell

FIRST CONTACT access denied by Hildegard

10 Sep , 2014,
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When I was a student at Mozarteum I would pop into the sheetmusic store at Theatergasse “Mayrische Buchhandlung” at regular intervals and go through the piles on the shelves, always on the look for interesting or challenging music. One day my eye fell onto that edition of the chants of Hildegard von Bingen, edited by Marianne Richert Pfau, a small brochure of songs. Back then I was really into medieval music, and yet I found it impossible to deal with any of the songs but “O pastor animarum”, which seemed manageable in length and ambitus. Somehow Hildegard denied access to her more substantial chants – only to thrust that door wide open more than 10 years later :-) .

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